Artist Statement

For the last 7 years I’ve been living on a lake in British Columbia far from the big city life of San Francisco where I spent a large part of my life.  Now I am constantly surrounded by nature and that has become a huge part of my work.  It directly influences most of the things that I do in the studio.  I am an abstract painter so I take parts of things, ideas, feelings, colors, light and put them together in a painting.  My preferred method of working is to pour color directly onto the canvas on the floor.  I rarely use brushes anymore in the traditional sense other than to mix paint. I love anything that makes a mark as in squirter bottles, sponges etc… I also do a lot of layering of color. This is a very free form way of working which really appeals to my sensibilites… a lot of surprises and a lot of mistakes….so you learn how to avoid the pitfalls and go with what’s working. This method is very spontaneous and invigorating for me.  I love the freedom of it and the freshness of a poured color making it’s own edge and movement across the canvas.

The paintings on paper were done on a treated paper called paper canvas with oil enamels.  I love this paint.  It has a very hard glossy surface when it dries.  I did this series in the Spring 2014 and used primary colors mostly because of their energizing feeling.  I used a large old house painter’s brush and a stick, again on the floor.  I’m always open to new possibilities and ways of working.  I like trying new things and love the fact that art is it’s own unspoken language, a unique way of communicating emotion, affecting each of us in our own way.